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The name Exondata Sendirian Berhad incorporated in 2003 is widely recognized as a well established company in Malaysia for its quality and strategically located at Seremban Jaya Industrial Estate, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

The company's growth strategy has always been to manufacture wire and cable products that meet the economic requirements of the market. Exondata manufactures an extensive range of wire and cable products which include PVC Cable, low to high voltage power cable, data cable and telecommunication cable and  Screened Control Cables.

We have single-mindedly pursued a policy of excellence in every process… innovated in mechanization, automation and computerization… to provide quality products, on time delivery, superb customer services and competitive pricing, with our management far sighted planning and emphasis on customer satisfaction. We are committed to ongoing excellence in our wire and cable production: the acquisition of new and sophisticated technologies to add value to our products so as to optimize the opportunities in the region and international market.

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